An open-air market with people sharing advice in real life. When online, they can do the same on Widr.
The real or virtual — market is always about communication and recommendations.

Word-of-mouth has been acknowledged by many generations of tailors, sellers, and small businesses. In the early 1970ies, the scientists first tried to develop its concepts and formalize its success. At the dawn of the XXI century, in the USA there was even established The Word of Mouth Marketing Association. So, how does word-of-mouth work and what opportunities can it give to you?

Word-of-Mouth Opportunities in Numbers

Let’s count! How many friends and acquaintances have you got?
Owner of the Mitchell Prize from ISBA and a Google research award, Professor Tian Zheng, in her latest research claims that an average American knows 600 people, about 25 of whom can be called “the ones you can trust in everything”. Having considered such factors as common family needs those people may have, this means that every happy client can bring you at least a dozen of new prospective deals!

A network, where each node connects to the others as in Widr, where you get in touch with contacts of your contacts
Widr connect you with contacts of your contacts to extend the network

In other words, if on the first month of your work you can make happy 1 client a day – multiplied by 20 business days, the next month can bring you 250 new prospects, and once you add up the most trusted circle of those 250, the next number exceeds 2,700!

In fact, it’s the impact is even bigger – no need to trust someone “in everything” to follow their advice on a good cleaner or mender. According to the statistics from Widr, an average network of 100 contacts easily extends to make around 4,200.

People Love Word-of-Mouth

The numbers above are quite impressive, but still comparable with an audience of a medium-priced add. That’s true, but don’t rush to judgment yet. According to a new study of consumer behavior over 50% of respondents recommend a service to a friend at least once a month, and 83% of the respondents are affected by word-of-mouth advise when making purchases and choosing services! And it’s even bigger for the younger audience.

You Can Reach Another Audience Segment

Another important trend, especially sensible with the audience under 60, is that people are getting tired of commercials.

An empty board, symbolizing absence of commercials in real word-of-mouth marketing and on Widr
Fewer commercials bring more trust

More and more consumers switch from usual TV to services like Netflix thanks to the absence of ad-blocks. A recent survey of digital advertising by choozle showed that 43% of respondents felt strongly negative about it and 46% used ad blockers on their phones and desktops.

Word-of-mouth, particularly, online word-of-mouth via Widr, is becoming the only chance to reach those people and make them your clients!

Even More Word-of-Mouth Opportunities With Widr

Of course, it all starts offline – when you are serving the customers. There’s no way to get good recommendations with bad services. But if you can win the clients’ hearts, use Widr to take your word-of-mouth network online. Fully free of commercials, available on Google Play or App Store, Widr will automatically develop a vast network of your loyal customers and let you know when their contacts need your services!