Widr is now an invitation-only application!

From now on, join Widr by invitation-only!

– Safety

With the invitation-only process, you can now invite or get invited by your trusted friends on Widr.

This new feature helps us to build a network with only caring members, with a high level of confidence between everyone.

Our will with this new system isn’t to restrict the network, but at the contrary to make it safer, more secure and more positive.

– Reliabilty

The invitation-only system allows us to verify profiles so that we can guarantee that there are only real people on the app, whether they are service seekers or service providers.

As we really want you to find the right professional for your needs or new clients to help you grow your business, we need real members, and especially reliable and trustworthy members on Widr. Inviting your friends and families, or being invited yourself, you will be surrounded by nice people, making all of you benefit from the network.

– Friendlier usability

We know 58% of mobile app users are frustrated by interface inconsistencies. As we go invitation-only, we’ll be more user friendly: Signing up is easy once someone invited you, then navigating through the app and connecting with people is intuitive and fast.

Our interface is clear, we use a few icons and colors to facilitate the use of the app.

No need to try to understand how the app works. You’re invited, you’re in. That’s as simple as that.Let’s connect!

– User need

We want to give YOU the help you need. With that in mind, we decided to go invitation-only to tailor the app and its messages according to your true needs.With an involved and active community on Widr, we work hard on an app that meets your needs, habits and expectations. That’s how this new feature was born.

How to get invited?

  • Download Widr (already available on both iOS and Android)
  • You don’t know anyone on Widr? Don’t worry, you can still sign up and have access to the app.

However, some features will be locked. To unlock them and fully enjoy the app, ask for your profile to be verified.

One of our Widr local community leader will get back to you by text or call, within 2-4 business days. As easy as pie!

  • Once you’re in, feel free to invite people too.

You can send out your own invitations to your network, up to 5 invitations. Just go to your profile, and you will see your referral code to invite your trusted friends.

I’m already on Widr, what’s new?

If you’re already one of us, thank you! We’re glad you’re already a member of this big dynamic community.

For you, nothing will change. It’s still the same recommendation network, keep on using it as usual.

The difference you may notice is that we’re more sure now that we have real, helpful and safe members.

See you on Widr!

Do you have any questions? Suggestions? Trouble to join the community? Something else to share? Please contact us at contact@widr.app, we’ll get back to you really quickly.