So you want to learn some video editing tips and tricks?

Whether you are learning to use video editing software for fun or for you job, the odds are you have little to no experience in video editing.

I was in your shoes recently, so I want to share my experience and tricks that I learned using Premier Rush.

Video editing tips

Why Premiere Rush

I chose Premiere Rush as my video editing software. These are the reasons I am recommending it…

A. It’s made for beginners, everything is very simple

B. It comes with a complementary mobile version

Premiere Rush’s interface is very simple to understand there is 3 lines for video and 2 lines for audio. It also comes with preloaded title cards, transitions, and uploading media to your project is so easy. Also, Rush was created specifically for uploading onto social media’s like Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Rush is also linked via the mobile app and the computer version through the Adobe cloud.

You can purchase Rush for $9.99. Once you have it downloaded you will be given the option to watch a tutorial. This tutorial will guide you through all of the basics! There are many things that are not mentioned in the tutorial. So, here are some tips to help you on your first project.

My 3 tips to video editing for the first time.

First, create a dedicated folder on your laptop to store all the files for this project. Having a common place will make finding your things so much easier. You can take this even farther and make folders inside of folders to have everything super easy to find.

Second, use the tools given to you, but don’t be afraid to use other tools. I had an audio error when I clipped videos in Rush. I ended up using Window’s basic trimming feature then uploading said video. It is little things like this that you don’t learn in the tutorial. Thinking outside of the box.

Third, make sure you have the correct clip selected when moving something in the video. If you have the wrong layer selected, you could be clicking trying to move the title to the left, but just dragging the video clip out of the correct position.

Don’t be afraid to try something whacky with the program because odds are it will lead to another even better idea and try to stay on task.

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Cons of Adobe Premier Rush

Rush feels like it costs a little too much for what it offers. When you layer the medias, it will link them to the main video and there is no way to unlink them besides moving the upper layers of media. Also, when importing medias, sometimes the file will show and error and the only way to fix it is to right click on the errored clip and then link it to the source; However, if saving your project to the cloud then when you reopen the project you may have to do this again.

I hope that by sharing my experience with Adobe’s Premiere Rush, you have learned some tricks that will help you with your project for any video editing software you use.

Remember that everything you add to the video is just one more step in the right direction. Do not be afraid to try out a crazy idea or effect, because odds are it will lead to and even cooler idea. And if it is really bad, you can always just “ctrl” + “z”!

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