A woman crying at the bed because she cannot find the right service provider for her needs
Service search may get depressing….

My search for a babysitter turned into a long-term adventure that risked to become never-ending as I was arranging new and new meetings with candidates to turn them down. The first lady gave up as soon as she saw that there was no lift in the house, the other one didn’t understand any English (which made her communication with our kids almost impossible), the third one couldn’t work weekends, and so on and so forth…
Was it my bad luck? Frankly speaking, it was a bad ad that I’d published at the start of my search. Saying what exactly you want is not as easy as it sounds. I’ve learned my lesson, and want to share some tips on how to write proper placement ads with you.

Proper Placement Ads Mention the Purposes

First of all, start with a brief overview and don’t forget to tell about the background of your request. For example “I’ve recently had a baby and need to get myself into shape” and “I am going to take part in half a marathon and need to get myself into shape ” are two very different requests that require different experience and quality of the coaches.

Don’t Forget to Define the Timing

A calendar where someone is going to mark some date. Illustrates the need to define the timing in a service placement ad,
How long do you need service for?

It’s very important that you mention how often you want the services and for how long you are going to use them. People who can do one-time major cleaning are not the same people who can tidy-up the apartment twice a week on a permanent basis. Staying with children overnight is not the same as watching them all through the summer holidays, and is definitely different from taking care of a baby for a couple of years in a row.

Proper Placement Ads are Very Detailed

Don’t be afraid to get into details. Actually, be as detailed as possible. If you are looking for a website developer and already have an idea of basic sections that should be on your website or the engine to be used – write about it. If you expect the babysitter to read books and go to the playground with your kids – don’t take it as a matter of course and do mention in your add. This way, you will save yourself the trouble of meeting people whose approach is totally different from yours.

Do Mention Possible Issues and Restrictions

What are the challenges?

Put yourself in the provider’s shoes and mention everything you would like to know in advance. You are looking for a dog-walker but your dog is big and aggressive? –  Don’t hide this information. You’ll win nothing if someone who cannot handle such dogs comes and cannot help you. A child still cannot walk and has to be held in the arms for most of the time? –  Write about it and say how much the baby weighs. Anyways, you need someone strong enough. Stairs. longs distances, late hours and any other additional factors have to be mentioned.

Place Your Proper Placement Ads on Widr

Requests screen of Widr application. Post proper placement ads on Widr to get fast and topical request!
Find the services you need on Widr

And last but not least is where to publish your advert. Why so? Well, there are two things you need to happen to it. The ad must be read by potential service providers. You have to check if they are worth your trust. The service-based network that meets both of the requirements is Widr. Moreover, as it’s built on your phone book, so you can also spread the word among your friends. Therefore, get the application from Google Play or App Store, and it won’t be long until you get the answer. But do remember to write proper placement ads!