Do you ever find that in your team projects there is miscommunications or a lack of understand? Wether it be a short-term team project or a long-term company goal, there is always room to improve your meetings and become the best leader.

Meetings are the time when team members share their thoughts on the projects, explain the progress they have made, and learn their new tasks. Here are some tips we learned at Widr on how to improve your meetings as a leader.

The Leader

Firstly, Your meeting must have structure and to have structure there has to be someone in charge. The team needs to have a manager, a boss, a leader, someone who knows the vision and can push the team in the right direction. Everyone is a leader in their own way, but some people excel at being in charge.

You must establish the main objective of the meeting ahead of time. Send an email telling everyone when the meeting is and what the objective is. Some ideas for meeting objectives include brainstorming, receiving orders/tasks, or discussing the plan.

Do not forget, as a leader is important to know that your co-workers view you differently than they view each other, very often they will take your comments or ideas as orders. You must establish the difference between an order and a discussion topic. Communication is key.

During the meeting discussions will occur. As the leader it is important to keep the team in line with the agenda without killing the creative flow of ideas. Often if the leader is the first person to give their opinion on a matter, then the rest of the team will just agree with them. You must ask a question to get the team to discuss and learn their opinions before you tell them your thoughts.

The Meeting

First things first, the meeting must start on time. If the boss is not on time it will create doubt within the team, and time is wasted sitting around instead of working.

Worse than having the boss be late is not knowing what the point of the meeting. If you have a meeting with no direction or reason, then it is worse than just being late because it can lead to confusion within the team. The leader should come into the meeting on time and with a plan of attack.

The end of the meeting is often the most important because it is the most memorable. At the end of the meeting you have to establish a plan of attack for each member. This will allow every member of the team to have a plan going forward and a clearer vision of the plan.

Ultimately, being the leader of a meeting means that you are the final decision maker. Your team will follow your lead, so you must establish the goals of the meeting, let discussion flow by not stating your opinion initially, and make sure that you end the meeting delegating everyone their tasks based on the discussion of the meeting.

Widr has been successful in using these techniques, and is constantly growing and adapting their plan and leadership strategy. Check out the fruits of our labor Widr on the App Store and Google Play.

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