Kevin is at the head of his IT services company, and he has just received his 2017 balance sheet in April of 2019 !! He has decided that it is time to start looking for a new accountant. He knows he can no longer continue to do business with his current firm as his business is often an afterthought for them. Kevin opens up about his expectations and his approach to finding an new effective, professional, and reliable accounting firm.

Widr: Can you tell us about your job?

Kevin: I am a computer engineer and I started my business in 2015 with my best friend and business associate who is a business developper. Together, we provide IT services (websites, mobile applications, consulting).

We work regularly with developers and an artistic director, all of whom are freelancers. This year an intern has just joined our team.

Widr: Why do you want to change accountant?

Kevin: Looking back, it may be true that we never really had a great relationship with our accounting firm, but we thought that was normal (laughs). Last month (April 2019) we received our balance sheet for 2017, and we decided that this had really become a problem. We had been left along the sideline by this firm for too long, and it was time to make a change from this firm that was anything but serious.

Widr: What did you expect from your new accountant?

Kevin: We definitely are not asking for the moon just 3 simple things from our new accountant:

  • That it delivers us the right documents on time (like the balance sheet)
  • That it reminds us of important deadlines (like the VAT return)
  • That it helps us a little in the fiscal optimization of expense reports, purchase of computer material, payment of intern, etc…

Widr: How did you begin to find a new accountant?

Kevin: First we posted messages on Facebook, on our personal profiles and on small business groups. We received a lot of messages, but few recommendations, usually just messages from accountants who were proposing themselves, which is rarely reliable.

Moreover, the price differences were mind-blowing! Sometimes I was told about € 600 a year, sometimes € 3,000. I was completely lost.

Then, my intern told me about Widr. I downloaded the app which could not have been simpler or faster, and I posted ‘a need’ for an accountant. I received 5 recommendations almost immediately, and they were from some of my most trusted contacts which I had not even thought of to ask.

Widr: So did you find a new accountant?

Kevin: YES! A friend of mine from engineering school recommended me his accounting firm, which he has been using for years. It was the perfect word-of-mouth scenario.

My business partner and I met with the recommended firm, and explained to them our expectations and needs. They were very professional and described how they saw the process moving forward, and we left with more advice than we could have asked for.

We are currently finalizing our situation with the new firm, and will sign with them before the end of the summer.

I am so relieved that we have found this new firm, and that everything will soon be clear and orderly. I have no doubt that with this change we will save a lot of money and time.

Widr: Do you think you will use the app to help you in different situations?

Kevin: Absolutely, I think we will use it to expand our team in the coming year. Also, at the personal level, I will surely use it again for anything from a doctor, electrician, or a massage. I had such great success with the first try I cannot imagine why I would not use it again.