If you have your dream job, congratulations, but for the most part you are the exception and not the rule. That is not to say that everyone is not capable of achieving their dreams, but it can be a long process. In the meantime it helps to find happiness in the journey.

Five Ways to Be Happier Where You Are

1. Make Friends

Relationships are what life is made of, so make sure you are not hyper-compartmentalizing your life. It is okay for the lines to blur sometimes. You can have friendships at work, and be productive; the two are not mutually exclusive. If you find people at work that you genuinely enjoying spending time with, life at work will be better. Make sure you do not judge people too quickly, give those around you a chance, and with a little patience you will surely form friendships.

2. Exercise Before Work

It is scientifically proven that working out can improve your mood. If you spend your whole day seated, in front of a screen it is important to get moving! Begin your day with a light work out and see how it positively affects your energy level at work.

3. Share Your Thoughts

If you share your opinion on the projects you’ve been delegated, you will be more invested in the work. Once you have inserted yourself into its development, you will find that it is easier to care about the task. It is important to have pride in your work and its results!

4. Keep Your Larger Goals in Mind

Do not lose sight of your plan. Your current job may be a stepping stone in achieving your goals. Are you going in the right direction? Let questions of reflections help guide you. The skills you are developing now may be integral to your formation as a successful professional.

5. Adapt!

In the end this is your life. If you are not happy, you are in the driver’s seat, and it is up to you to make the right changes. Even if it means taking risks or looking for new jobs, take the initiatives to create a life that suits you. It is never too late.

We, at Widr, hope that this article can help you find a little extra happiness in your day to day life. Good luck!

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