Widr has come up with a new tool to find services you need and prospects who need you. Put in one sentence, Widr’s Global Pro Directory is a “fully secured free-of-pay worldwide service-based directory with minimal entrance criteria and unbiased ranking algorithms”.

Let’s see what breath-taking opportunities are hidden behind this rather technical definition!

Advantages of a Service-Based Directory

Anyone who has tried using standard business directories must have faced the same type of problems. What information does it give to you? – profession, name, address and phone number. That’s it.
Now, imagine that you are looking for a hairdresser. If you need something special like balayage, hair coloring or fancy styling, you don’t want to call through a bunch of numbers to check if those services are on the list. Some feedback from the previous clients would also be desired. However, this is exactly the kind of information that the usual directories don’t provide.

example of services detalization that helps Widr make sure you choose the right service
Some categories under Legal Services

Widr’s Global Directory suggests starting the search with What? instead of Who? Whether you have just started living on your own, moved to a new city, need a driver or babysitter on a one-time or permanent basis or want to get fit, with Widr you can actually find specific services, rather than trying to guess if a company named so-and-so can provide them. Specify your needs and Widr will show you the Pros who can take care of it! 

Find Prospects Who Need Your Services

To put it in a nutshell, any service provider can become a part of the Global Pro Directory. It is enough to get a verified Widr profile with properly described services. Along with that, the Directory contains all providers who’ve been recommended on Widr at least once.
This approach makes the Directory truly global and extensive. On the one hand, experienced experts popular with their customers are highly likely to be recommended. On the other hand, it is a wonderful opportunity for younger service providers who are new to the market to find their prospects.

Google search image to illustrate that every provider on Widr can get free of pay indexing on the Web
Every Widr Pro is indexed on the Web

The latter can particularly benefit from another great feature – every Widr Pro is indexed on the Web! This means that even people who don’t have a Widr account will see you in the search results! To give you some numbers, initial market research has shown that just being in the Pro Directory, you can get at least 2 new customers a week (that’s two dozens in three months!).

Find the Sevices You Need and Will Enjoy

Having said that any provider can get into the Directory, what’s the guarantee you as a customer won’t be overwhelmed with offers and can choose the best ones?

Find exactly what you need with Widr

Widr answers this challenge with a comprehensive ranking engine. Unlike many others, it doesn’t depend on the money and SEO effort. In Widr, providers are listed based on the relevance of their services, their activity in the network, the size of their network and how often they are recommended – just the things that let you choose the right person for your job!

Stay Safe

Global Directory follows the same strict security principles as every other part of Widr. Triple ID check sand mandatory recommendations from other users, complied with human verification, are always used to ensure your safety. And when you do decide to contact a provider or prospect, there is an encrypted secure line with fully private messages.

Pay Nothing

The use of Widr’s Global Pro Directory is fully free for both customers and providers. Moreover, all the communications can also be done inside Widr for no cost (even if you in a different country!). Even indexing on the Web is free of pay.

Enjoy the Opportunities

Widr aims to provide all people with equal networking capabilities and the Global Pro Directory is another step towards the goal.

Get your services and let your customers find you with Widr

Providers can grow their revenue and significantly increase the customer base. Customers can finally find trustworthy providers of exactly the required services.

Just get Widr from Google Play or App Store and use a giant network formed by Widr to benefit and gain new opportunities – Widr believes that this is what social networks should really serve.